#ColumboTV celebrates one of the best tv detectives of all time! Once a month, we get together and watch an episode of Columbo. There’s a new host every month and dates/times vary, though they usually fall on a Saturday.

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#ColumboTV 101

Once a month, Columbo fans get together on Twitter at the same time across the globe to watch the same episode of Columbo on dvd, Netflix, or other online stream and tweet our comments about the show.

If you’d like to participate in our #ColumboTV tweet-alongs on Twitter, here are some things you should do:

1. Check the #ColumboTV schedule to see when the next event is.

2. A few weeks before the event, make sure you know how you’ll be watching. If you have the dvd, you’re set! If not, check to see if the episode is on Netflix (if you must order the dvd, make sure you do so well in advance) or if the host will be live streaming.

3. You may want to use a program like TweetDeck that will allow you to follow the #ColumboTV hashtag in real time. I’ve done #ColumboTV events with both the web and TweetDeck. TweetDeck is definitely easier and faster.

4. Follow the host of the event so you’ll know exactly when to start your dvd or stream.

5. On the day of the event, make sure to show up at least 15 minutes ahead of time and “check in”. Simply let us know you’re ready by tweeting a hello using hashtag #ColumboTV.

6. The host will let everyone know a particular scene in the beginning to cue your dvd or stream to. When the host tweets the command to start playing, press play on your dvd player or stream.

7. After viewing starts, tweet your comments on the show. Or if this is your first #ColumboTV and you just want to get accustomed to it, sit back and watch what others are tweeting.

8. Have fun!

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